October | November 2015

Hosanna Christian Schools
Christian education has always been one of the best tools in Haiti to carry the Gospel into homes where otherwise we would have no access. For every dollar invested in evangelism, Christian education returns more sustainable rewards in that we have more time to disciple the children, reach their families, and establish Christian homes.

In addition to the strong evangelistic emphasis, Hosanna Schools has also majored in solid academics. Because of the academics, many unchurched families are enrolling their children out of concern for their children’s future success in a nation that has an 80 percent unemployment rate.

This scholastic/evangelistic combination is producing powerful results, and our momentum in the Southeast is growing a stronger Gospel influence.

Professor, counselor, and church planter, Pastor Evends Monfiston, had ten young people accept Christ after his presentation of the Gospel in a recent high school Bible class. The following testimonies show how the young people are responding spiritually.

“I was not a bad person before I came to Hosanna, but I didn’t have discipline in my life either and did not understand the Gospel. Slowly, my understanding is coming and now I realize that I have to walk according to the will of God and I have to learn wisdom.”

MFH wants to make a way for those families who covet a better education for their children but struggle with the overall cost. What a blessing it would be if we could provide a scholarship fund to help the most needy and deserving families. This project will be called “Helping Hand Scholarships.”

Hosanna Ministries
We are praising the Lord for 371 professions of faith this year throughout the entire ministry of Hosanna, including sister churches, the schools, Good News clubs, VBS, Camp Bossier by the Sea, and Hosanna Radio. Sixty-one new converts have been baptized. 

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“Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.”


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